Citation APA Format Guide

What You Should Know about the APA Format Style

We are going to provide you with some essential and interesting facts about the APA (American Psychological Association) style. Generally, this kind of a form look serves to manage and arrange research works, publications, and other vital docs for assessing a student’s academic performance, and additionally to craft a decent paper according to standardized academic rules. Nevertheless, the APA format for short essay tasks is also believed to be effective to structure a paper. This style helps to organize your content, arrange writing style, citing references, and prepare a publication for a particular discipline.

APA format is popular among writers who are mainly connected with psychology. This style introduces informative and research functions. This particular citation type can be used also in such fields as education, finance, business, and social studies. APA aims to prove the data that people used and give shape and proper form to the quotes and references. The primary task of the APA citation short story style is to show references and recognize an author, date of publication, name of the work, and some vital info to define the source.

Today, we use the APA style of the 7th rendition from 2020. The sixth manual requires to additionally put in locations for original materials of other people and the time it was made available on the Internet. The 7th publication specifies using a specific font that needs to be readable and constantly used throughout a paper. There’s no specific font to use, however, you can choose from: 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, 12-point Times New Roman, 11-point Georgia.

Ways of Implementing the APA Format Style

The APA shortest citation style simplifies the revision process, as everyone operates under the same rules, it also makes it less complicated to grasp the meaning of a piece due to a stable structure and familiar citation and reference format. Moreover, it fosters the author’s credibility by showcasing the awareness and understanding of the audience and that they can work with various scientific sources and arrange them properly.

Taking into account numerous methods of implementing APA citation, our citation APA format guide divides it into the fundamental in-text citation, reference list building, book quotes, periodicals, print documents, etc. There’s a general type of citing each writer should adhere to:

Author’s last name, First initial. (Date of publication). Title. Web address.

The in-text citation exists for quoting someone’s work directly, paraphrase the content, and refer to a particular info block from some other source. It’s a common thing when we use scientists’ researches to prove our thoughts and ideas, so we make our works stronger and more convincing, and it raises our chances to get a good rating. Even when we paraphrase another writer’s publication, we should add particular phrases, like ‘according to …. words’, ‘taking into account scientists’ research…’ And also put a reference to this source at the end of your essay. Here’s an illustration of how you should form an APA in-text citation:

Smith, P.; Thomas, S.M. The Handbook of Oscillation; Putman: New York, 2001; p.48.

Berry, M.V., &; Geim, A.K. (1997). Of Flying Frogs and Levitrons. European Journal of Physics, 18(4), 307.

Cummings, J.N,. Butler, B., &; Kraut, R. (2002). The quality of online social relationships. Communications of the ACM, 45(7), 103-108.

Some Particulars of Citation APA Format Guide

When citing any source in APA short story citation style you should adhere to some general requirements to arrange it properly β€” use italics, quotation marks, parentheses to give it a smooth look. But, you can face various situations where you have no author, or there are several writers, or whether you used a book, publication, website, etc. All that plays a vital role in forming a good-looking citation. Let’s examine how to cite a short story APA style to make a decent essay:

  • If there’s no author, then follow this guideline: Title (date)/ β€œSource Title” (date) β€” both variants are correct.

  • One contributor: Last name (year)…(page). Or put it in parentheses.

  • Two writers: Last name of Author1 and Last name of Author2 (Year)…(page). Also, place parentheses at the end, and replace ‘and’ with ‘&’.

  • Three or more contributors: (Last name of Author1 et al., year, page number). Here we write only the first contributor and end it with ‘et al.’

  • If you have an organization, you should place its abbreviation in brackets: (European Nations [EU], year).

Remember to use italicized titles and capitalize the first word.

When you use web sources, you should put them at the conclusion of your APA citation. For URL, you need to arrange it like this: http:// or https://. Don’t put a period at the end of an address.

Why It’s Important to Use APA Citation

Using APA short citation is a highly important aspect when dealing with a paper, research. It demonstrates your responsibility and high competence in coping with works of different complexities. It also proves your ability to search suitable literature sources, place them in an appropriate spot in your work, and make correct references. A useful property of APA format is that it prevents accidental or deliberate plagiarism, paraphrasing, and misquoting. Knowing the rules on how to implement the APA shortest citation style properly can help you to avoid writing issues by making your essay unique, persuasive, and well-structured.

We hope you found this citation APA format guide helpful!

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