Money-Back Guarantee

The primary goal of our Company is to deliver high-quality papers regardless of how complicated the requirements are. Furthermore, we focus on safety from the moment you place an order on our platform. We value that you choose our academic writing assistance, and we do everything possible to maintain the level of your satisfaction at the highest level. As such, we constructed a fully customer-oriented money-back guarantee, which will grant you complete and transparent control of the assignment and its status.

Total control of the order allows you to terminate the writing process if you spotted any inaccuracies related to your request. No matter how complex the task is, every request is processed within two business days. Should you face any issues that might affect the order and its overall quality, you can get your costs back. Please see the possible scenarios when you can get your cash back.

A Writer Has Missed the Deadline

Even though it has never occurred, missing a deadline is a very frequent reason the Customers face. We understand that the order that wasn’t delivered on time can jeopardize the client’s grade. Authors working for us are experts, and they always do their best to meet the requirements and give you a complete paper by the set period. If an original deadline you set while placing an order was missed, we will give you a full refund. In case of a missed deadline, please reach out to our customer support representative within 24 hours of the first deadline saying whether you need the paper after the deadline or not.

If the paper/revised paper is uploaded late, but you downloaded it and want to use it, please acknowledge that full repayment is not viable.

To get more details about the compensation related to the missing deadline, please contact our support reps.

Should the lateness be caused by a delayed submission of the instructions, crucial clarifications, and alike, we reserve the right to refuse to provide you with a refund. However, being a client-oriented writing company, we recommend you contact our team if such a situation occurs.

I Placed Two Orders by Mistake

If you have noticed that you have paid for two identical orders unwillingly, you can certainly get a refund. Please contact our support team representative to tell which order you would like to be finished. Customers always receive their money for mistakenly placed requests back.

If you have doubts about the number of papers you have paid for, we recommend you contact our CS team. They will resolve any issue quickly.

I Question the Quality of the Finished Order

In case you aspire to cancel an order that is still in progress, provide specifics to the customer representative and he/she will contact you promptly. If the issues presented in a paper are a good reason for requesting a refund, you will be asked the preferred method for repayment.

If your paper has signs of grammatical or lexical errors, formatting issues, you can get a refund. To acknowledge whether your claims are eligible for reimbursement, please contact our customer support agent.

You have three days after the paper’s completion to send your complaint along with the issues presented in the paper. As for us, we provide you with a free revision of the paper within fourteen days after the original deadline if the requirements were not fully covered. After we deliver a revised paper, you have three days to review it and decide whether you will raise any complaints or not. In case you will, please contact our support team describing the issue in detail. The Resolution Department will analyze your claim within one to two business days and message you with money-back details.

If the completed paper’s quality is unsatisfactory and upon the examination by the QA team, it became apparent that it was the writer’s fault, be sure that we won’t only provide you with a refund. We will also implement disciplinary measures against the writer who failed to follow your instructions.

If no complaint is provided within three days after the delivery, we will consider the order successfully created and meeting all the instructions; therefore, no compensation is possible.

If full repayment is issued for the order, the Website keeps the authorship of the written piece and can post it online for educational purposes. Aside from the mentioned, the Customer that was awarded a refund, on no condition can use the completed paper. Search engines will find a piece of written work with the Company as its proprietor.

I Pre-paid for the Order, but the Writer Was Not Assigned

We always do our best to satisfy each and every сustomer of ours. Being one of the best writing companies, we have a proven track record of rejoicing clients. Considering the immense number of people willing to use our platform, we might lack writers to take on every order. Apart from that, our expert writers are divided into areas of expertise, which means that your rare topic may need specific writers who are currently working on other orders.

In no way will you be left behind without a suitable writer. We will keep you updated on the process of finding a relevant author. If any problems present themselves with searches, be sure to get a full refund.

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