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These Terms and Conditions govern your admission and use of our Website and services at Top-Essay-Writing.com (the “Website”). We ask you to read them carefully.

The moment You make a request to us, You sign up to all the Terms and Conditions located herein. You verify that you have read and come to agreeance with the Terms and Conditions and have let us gather Your info. In case You refuse to give us Your Personal Data, Your admission to the Website will be limited, which can lead to an inability to finish an Order/access personal account.

If You are an EU resident, note that per the requirements listed in the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Website may process Your personal info.


“Website,” “We,” means Top-Essay-Writing.com page with its services, writing assistance, and everything placed on the web page.

“Services” refers to the full range of written tasks, comprising essays, research and term papers, dissertations, and other written works requested by the Client.

“You,” “Customer,” “Client,” “User” means a person or a company that uses the Website as the Client and has agreed with the mentioned Terms & Conditions by making a request on our web page or process payments on this Website.

“Writer” is a hired person, a freelancer, or a remote employee, who completes writing services for the Customer.

“Product” refers to an unparalleled written paper of any type that is completed following the Client’s instructions, submitted to the Customer with the intention of being used for further research of a specific topic.

“Order” stands for a project or work that relates to academic writing and can be completed by the Website.


By making an Order on the Website, You verify your permission to let us process Your Data and promise to use the Product exclusively for academic purposes. On no account can You re-sell the Product to any person or entity. You should note and understand that the content presented in the Product is made by the employed writers of the Website. The Website has the Copyright of the completed Order. The Product has to be used for educational purposes exclusively; You must use this material to help You write Your own paper.

Prices, Charges, Fees

You can find all the prices, charges, and fees on the Website. Should Your assignment have any specific requirements that are not specified in any category of work, We keep the right to set prices for the completed Product. Upon placing an Order, the Customer needs to give us all the instructions needed to finish the Product. Any delay in submitting instructions or other necessary material can postpone the Order completion.

Order Processing

Order volume. Every Order placed by the Customer has a defined word count. One page equals 275 words. Upon Order delivery, the document must match the word count required by the Client.

Changes of Order details. The Customer is free to suggest changes to the writing only if the assigned Writer has not commenced the work. Should the Order details change the volume and/or its complexity, the Customer will be asked to cancel the Order and place a new one.

Sources. If the Customer requires using specific sources in the Order process, he/she must introduce those resources and/or provide them to the Writer.

Order Delivery

The Website is fully responsible for the Product, its delivery, quality, and meeting the deadline.

The Customer is entirely responsible for providing trustworthy and relevant delivery channels. As such, incorrect email address, spam filters, technical issues, problems cannot be a conceivable reason to grant a refund.

Once the Order is finished, You will get a notification and be able to download the Order from the Website.

In case the Website misses the established deadline, You are eligible for a decrease of the Order price.

Please review our Money Back Guarantee to familiarize yourself with plausible options for getting a refund.

Order Revision

The Customer has an opportunity to request revisions. Revisions can be conducted within 14 days of the Order deadline and following the original instructions. Should Your instructions be changed, keep in mind that the Website reserves the right to either deny the revision or charge extra fees. Also, We can decline or limit multiple revisions if the Customer’s behavior has signs of the apparent mistreatment of the Writer.

The Use of the Products

Every Product and Service created by the Web page is 100% original. We keep the entire copyright of every completed Order by the Website. The Products produced by the Website for the Customer are only for personal use. Any commercial use of the Products will end up with the termination of cooperation. We also keep the right to deny providing any Services to You and complete any work for You. The Website forbids You to publish, distribute, display, or change the Product. The primary aim of the Product is to assist the Customer in writing a specific academic topic.

The moment You pay for a Product, You acknowledge and agree that:

  • We reserve the right to break any agreement with any individual, entrepreneur, or entity who attempts to make the Product seem like their work. You also agree that any Product created by the Website will not be revealed to a third party as Your work.
  • The Product can be used for research goals SOLELY and under no circumstances can be used as a replacement for Your writing. It must only be used as a model paper, which can help You compose Your home assignment regarding format, language, citation style.
  • Neither the Website nor any of its hired workforce shall be responsible for unethical or wrongful use of the Products obtained from the Web page. Also, We are not liable for any plagiarism, lawsuits, unsatisfactory grading, exclusion, loss of scholarships/grants/awards, course failure, or similar repercussions. Customers are fully responsible for any of the mentioned acts resulting from the improper and/or illegal use of delivered Products.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are fully responsible for meeting the instructions stated in the Order, including the deadline. Should any of the Customer’s instructions be not accurate or omitted, the Client has an opportunity to claim a partial or whole refund as per our Refund Policy.

Please note that grades cannot be the basis for claiming a refund.


We do not tolerate any plagiarism issues in our Product. Should the Product have any signs of plagiarism, be it wrongly cited quotes, copy-paste issues, or alike, You hold the right to request a revision, re-work, or refund.


The Website warrants that the Product obtained by You will have a 100% uniqueness level. Apart from the originality, we promise that the paper’s instructions, combined with a deadline, formatting style, and other requests, will be entirely met. We also guarantee to deliver a full-fledged Product written adhering to an appropriate academic level as well as the proper English language.

Please note that we are not held responsible for a specific grade You might pursue. There is no reason to ask for a refund if the received grade did not meet Your expectations.

Personal Data

For details of how we gather, store, protect, and use Your Personal Data, please read our Privacy Policy.

Contact Details

Should You have additional questions about the Website, please contact us either by phone, chat, or email presented in the Contact Us page.

You are now asked to note and agree with the aforementioned Terms & Conditions. Also, please reckon with the fact that We reserve the right to update independent parts of the T&C. As follows, We advise You to review these Terms and Conditions regularly to keep track of the Website’s policies.

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