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Why us?

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What our customers say

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How it works
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This website adheres to stringent guidelines to defend the personal information of every registered user. Privacy is our top priority. No representatives of our company have a right to share private data of our clients with anyone outside of this organization. Any rule break is strictly penalized.

Your personal info, like the name and transactions, will remain unknown to third parties. As we represent an online legal service, we are obligated to protect any sort of data that you share with us. Here are the main points concerning our privacy policy to keep in mind:

  • Collecting info: for user’s identification, we only ask for the contact information, like personal email, so that we can send notifications and completed orders to the inbox, nothing more.
  • Web browsing: our system tracks your IP address. It is only required to detect your country of residence so that we can customize the orders based on language nuances.
  • Confidentiality: our goal is to make sure that all your private data is well-protected and never disclosed to the representatives of any third parties.
  • Access to data: you will be able to access, view, and edit your personal info on our website via customer area (your profile) – your details are stored there for official and legal purposes only.

Terms of Agreement and Visitor Info

Once you place an order and pay for it, you agree to have your information gathered and stored by our service. You can always check more details in the Terms and Conditions section. It is important that a user reads all the rules of our company before he or she makes any decision concerning the purchase of the product or service. In case you disagree with any of our points, you will not be able to use the services in full and buy one of our products or access the customer area.

It is possible to amend your mailing preferences. If you feel like you do not want to receive any messages or notifications from our agency any longer, simply state that by canceling the subscription and deleting your account at any time.

After you enter this online platform, we get the information concerning your browser, location, and OS. This sort of data is needed just to evaluate the quality of our service’s content and how well the system works generally. The info we receive is never shared with anyone else outside of this organization (it is kept anonymous).

What about the Cookies?

With the help of Google Analytics and some other trusted online tools, our team conducts different types of analyses. This software may store your “cookies” that make it possible to retrieve web usage data and your behavior info. It does not contain any private details. We only do that for marketing purposes.

Once again, we claim that your contacts will be stored securely by our company and applied for order-based situations. No one will ever find out that you used our services or purchased anything from us for personal usage.

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